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Nünbe, The Heir

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Nünbe, The Heir Empty Nünbe, The Heir

Post  Nünbє on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:12 pm

Wolf Name: Nünbe

Nicks: Nün; Nünb or Nüby

Preferred Title: Nünbe, The Heir

Gender: Male

Age: I can be born (Newborn)? If not; 6 months

Appearance/Reference (text description preferred):

Personality: Like to have fun, to get confusion and presence of friendly wolves.

Brief History: If I'll born, my story does not begin now. But if you do not accept birth:
       Nünbe was born in Ethiopia in hunting season and against gangs. He and his brothers were learning to hunt rodents. His mother began the demonstration, but suddenly, she was caught by hunters. Nünbe out of the bush, and was trying to help but was a victim of the hunt. The hunters wanted to take them to the US for a counter gang, left in different rooms of the ship. Hear a storm in the night, the cage was moving and the chain that held it, let go, the door was open and she slipped on the high seas.
       He was taken by waves and ocean currents, to the US coast. The cage was lifted and carried by a human to his house, something was placed around the neck of Nünbe (a collar) He was fed and cared for, but was not happy there. He jumped out the window and ran away as fast, he could. Arrived in a forest and went there he was in a pretty weird place where avia never seen before. Of course, he was not in Ethiopia. He felt a little hungry, but knew not hunt, he was totally dependent.
       He entered the territory of wolves just off the main den, he seen wolves, he was too weak, and passed out.

Pack: Sunrise Forests

Why do you want to be in that pack? (regarding above section): I did not find any section above to view...

Preferred Rank: Pup

Activity out of 10*: 8 to 10

Font Color Code**: ~~

Anything Else?: Not thankes

Why do you want to join?: Because I want enjoy the vacations!!!!!!

Are you a potato?: No, I'm a cookie! confused


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Nünbe, The Heir Empty Re: Nünbe, The Heir

Post  Golden Rose on Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:34 am

I hope your accepted Nümbe and I think you won't be born as no wolves in SF are currently pregnant
Golden Rose
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